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Simba and Gizmo’s Blog
November 2010


We are so excited because it is November which not only means it’s time for the holidays, but also the end of another great NHRA Full Throttle season which means Dan and Ashley will finally come home! As in, un pack their suitcases and put them away in the cupboard…home! Gizmo and I are so excited to have them back as they’ve had a very crazy last few months with the Countdown to the Championship. Ashley and her team did an amazing job this year (in my feline opinion) and even though they didn’t end up the Champion, they’re #1 in my book! In my blog this month, I decided to do a little re cap of my favorite moments of the 2010 season. Just so you know, I have no idea what Gizmo will write about. I assure you in won’t be as structured and readable as my blog, and there is a chance it won’t even have to do anything with racing or our owners. If he writes about dried salmon, don’t be surprised! Below are my top 5 moments of the 2010 NHRA Full Throttle season!

#5- Cats 101 on the Animal Planet. This summer, Gizmo and I became celebrities as we were featured on the television program, and became quite famous. We can’t sign autographs, but lets put it this way, if we could, our paws would be tired!

#4- The El Monte RV Road Trip. Dan and Ashley rented an RV and took us on the road for 3 weeks to Seattle, Sonoma and Denver! It was awesome! We got to go the races, attend the D Team dinners, and cheer our driver Ashley on, from the front window of the RV! Go D Team!

#3- John Force’s Pomona Winner’s Circle- John won the first race of the season and we were there so we got to take part in the Winner’s Circle pictures. Our furry cheeks were tired from smiling!

#2- Halloween 2010- We got to dress up and do Halloween in Las Vegas, aka: Sin City and it was great! Ashley’s dad won that race as well, and we all dressed up in our costumes to celebrate!

#1- Queen of Hearts Tribute to D Team Car- This is by far, my favorite part of the season. Ashley did a special car and surprised her team, and Gizmo and me by doing a paint scene with all of us on it! How cool is that? We are on a car that went over 300 miles per hour. I definitely think Gizmo and I are the quickest cats on the planet!



Where should I start? This has been a cool year so far! Simba told me to write out my top 5 favorite moments of the race season, so here it goes!

#5- When we got to have a treat after filming the Animal Planet show.

#4- All the fans petting us in the winner’s circles we got to be in.

#3- Taking OFF my Halloween costume

#2- Getting cat milk every night before bed. Yummy!

#1- Getting to be on the side of Ashley’s race car… and getting dried salmon treats.